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Can Dirty Yoga Mats Give You Herpes Virus?

Introduction No doubt, there are lots of benefits attached to yoga. Some of these benefits are stress relieve, weight loss, better posture and flexibility, all-round fitness and much more. But do you know there is a downside to yoga? Of course, there is nothing without its bad side. Herpes might be the drawback. Are you… Read More »

Dating with herpes? – Tell your partner and save yourself of future troubles introduction

INTRODUCTION Normally, if you are diagnosed with herpes, you might find it hard to tell other people. Most times it could be because you don’t want them to make a jest of you. Also, it might be because you think you could lose your relationship with them, especially if the person is your wife, girlfriend,… Read More »

YES! You Probably have Herpes but it’s not worth freaking out over!

No doubt, there is a lot of news on the internet about various sexually transmitted infections. At one point or another, we have all had unprotected sex. Haven’t we? We have neglected the fact that having unprotected sex might be dangerous to our health. One of the infections that can be encountered is Herpes. Are… Read More »

Telling your partner that you have herpes

Telling your partner that you have herpes is one of the hardest things to do in a relationship. It might seem even more humiliating if you’re meeting for the first time. Uninfected individuals, for the most part, would prefer not to have a relationship with people who have herpes since there is the usual apprehension… Read More »