Can Dirty Yoga Mats Give You Herpes Virus?

By | October 9, 2017


No doubt, there are lots of benefits attached to yoga. Some of these benefits are stress relieve, weight loss, better posture and flexibility, all-round fitness and much more. But do you know there is a downside to yoga? Of course, there is nothing without its bad side. Herpes might be the drawback. Are you surprised? Maybe it’s probably the last place you think you can be infected with herpes.

According to the co-founder and managing director of NYC surgical associate communal yoga mats are truly where bacteria and viruses such as herpes grow easily. When your skin makes contact with yoga mats full of germs and bacteria, your skin can be infected with some diseases.

Can herpes really be passed on through skin contact?

The fact is you are not the only one going for yoga. There are hundreds of people who would always come to yoga every week. Their sweaty bodies, feet, and hands will touch the yoga mats. You can’t rule it out; someone with herpes would be part of those people coming for yoga.

What do you think would happen if your skin comes in contact with the same mats?. The dirty yoga mats can carry the herpes virus which is highly contagious, and it can cause cold sores around the mouth.

Also, it is possible you have friends you interact with whenever you go for yoga. If such person has herpes and your skin come in contact with the infected part, it can be transmitted to you. Herpes is a delicate virus that is caught from the skin. Once it leaves the skin where the sore is, it dies quickly.

How do people become infected?

Herpes can be transmitted if your skin comes directly in contact with the skin of someone who has been infected with the virus already. The skin to skin contact might be through kissing, having vaginal, anal or oral sex with an infected person or touching the areas infected with herpes. You can be infected with herpes even if you don’t see it.

For you to avoid getting herpes when you go for yoga, there are some methods to avoid getting infected in gyms

The methods to avoid the spread of Herpes in GYMs

  1. Buy your personal yoga mat

Buying your own mat and taking it to the gym will ensure you are on a safer side. You don’t know how often the communal mats are cleaned up, especially where lots of yoga lovers often visit. So using them might put you at the risk of getting herpes. It only takes a few bucks to purchase the mat. However, in case you can’t afford to buy one you can use a hand sanitizer to wipe off the mat and the cover with a towel.

  1. Wash you kits and hands afterward

Have it at the back of your mind that you can pick up germs during a workout. So you should take washing your kit and hands seriously. This should be done immediately after the workout. When washing your kit, you can use a laundry sanitizer or wash the kits at 60 degree Celsius. This will help kill the germs. It will also prevent the spread of herpes virus.

  1. Avoid touching the top of your drinking bottle and rubbing your eye

Yes, you usually have a shower after the class session. But do you pay attention to your actions during the workout? You should try in as much as possible not to rub your eye and also touch your drinking bottle at the top. This will prevent you from being attacked by herpes virus if there is any.

The take away

To maintain a good health and avoid getting herpes virus that can lead to lifetime cold sores, ensure you use a clean yoga mat at the gym. Also, after using them, make sure they are wiped down and cleaned to remove any germs present.

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