Dating with herpes? – Tell your partner and save yourself of future troubles introduction

By | September 29, 2017


Normally, if you are diagnosed with herpes, you might find it hard to tell other people. Most times it could be because you don’t want them to make a jest of you. Also, it might be because you think you could lose your relationship with them, especially if the person is your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband. The most difficult aspect is when the person is your new partner. You would think if you tell him or her at the beginning of the relationship they might decide to leave you. Of course, no one would want to be infected with the disease.
diagnosed with herpes

What mistake do people make when diagnosed with Herpes?

The mistake people make is waiting for some months before they tell their partner. Waiting till when things get serious between you and your partner might be a big mistake. When your partner asks for sex, you have to make a decision. Either you tell them the truth about your STD status, or you keep it to yourself and have sex with them. What you decide to do in this case could alter the direction of your life and that of your partner.

Why should you tell your partner?

Of course, it is obligated to disclose your herpes status to your partner. Having sex without doing so would not be ethical. In fact, it would be illegal. If you do not reveal your STD status to your partner, it is a criminal offense in many states. You might be thinking ‘’well, I don’t live in a state where it is a criminal offense”. Yes, you might not be living there, but you could still face a civil lawsuit if you do not disclose your STD status to your partner. So to avoid unnecessary troubles in future, it would be the best to tell your partner your herpes status before having sexual intercourse with them.

This would prevent you from infecting your partner with herpes, so they don’t come back with a lawsuit against you. You can be pronounced guilty of the criminal transmission of STD or herpes only if you infect someone else recklessly, intentionally, or knowingly. A lot of people who are shy or afraid to tell their partner from the beginning of the relationship have faced legal troubles. In fact, Usher who is a famous singer had to pay more than a million dollars when a woman who claimed he gave her herpes successfully sued him. Not everybody can afford to pay that amount or more. Why not save yourself of all the worries and headache by telling the truth to your partner. (There is an example on singer Usher)

How can you tell your partner you have herpes?      

It is common that when people want to tell their partner what is going on with them, they will text, call or send emails. This is wrong; the best way is to tell them in person. Look for a private place where you can both sit down and tell them the truth calmly and peacefully. After making your herpes status known to them, you can educate them on how you would ensure they don’t contact the herpes virus. Also, let them know about the risk of having it too. After all these, you would allow them to make the best decision they are comfortable with.

They might stay, and some might decide to leave, that’s just the truth you can’t run away from. For singles living with herpes, online herpes dating site is a good choice. You would not have to be depressed as you would meet people like you who are ready to lighten up your happiness.

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