4 Dating Tips for people on Canada herpes dating sites

Dating is a wonderful thing. It can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. The chance of meeting a special someone and beginning an intimate adventure is thrilling, to say the least. A lot of people with herpes don’t feel optimistic about dating simply because of their STD. This really is selling yourself… Read More »

Testing positive for Herpes

Positive for Herpes? Be Positive in Your Love Life Too! Being diagnosed with herpes is often seen as a means of being ostracized from the society. The stigma associated with the sexually transmitted disease often prevents people from stepping out into the limelight and living life their own way. If you are living with herpes,… Read More »

Herpes Dating Sites Offer A safe Space for Herpes people

No doubt, life can be difficult and complicated for people living with STI such as herpes.  Many people would dump their spouse or partner when tested positive for an STI. This has led some people to hide from their partner. A lot of singles that are tested positive for herpes feels that their life has… Read More »

Which City Has the Highest STD Rate in Canada?

In Canada, one in 7 of the resident between the age of 14 and 59 has genital herpes. A study suggests that more than 90% of those people infected were unaware of their status. Talking about the STI rate in Canada, it was said that Banff has the highest STD rate in Canada. In fact,… Read More »

Can Dirty Yoga Mats Give You Herpes Virus?

Introduction No doubt, there are lots of benefits attached to yoga. Some of these benefits are stress relieve, weight loss, better posture and flexibility, all-round fitness and much more. But do you know there is a downside to yoga? Of course, there is nothing without its bad side. Herpes might be the drawback. Are you… Read More »

YES! You Probably have Herpes but it’s not worth freaking out over!

No doubt, there is a lot of news on the internet about various sexually transmitted infections. At one point or another, we have all had unprotected sex. Haven’t we? We have neglected the fact that having unprotected sex might be dangerous to our health. One of the infections that can be encountered is Herpes. Are… Read More »

How to get back in the Dating Game if you Have HERPES?

Everybody wants to love and be loved. This is one of the basic needs of human beings. But what if you are infected with herpes? If you have herpes and you have sex with your partner you will inadvertently pass on the virus to them. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and as such, it… Read More »

4 tips to cope with Herpes

Herpes affects a significant population of the United States. It is a highly contagious infection caused by a virus that enters a person’s body during sexual intercourse with someone who is already infected. You can get herpes through other blood transmission methods as well. Once you get the infection, the virus will remain in your… Read More »

Telling your partner that you have herpes

Telling your partner that you have herpes is one of the hardest things to do in a relationship. It might seem even more humiliating if you’re meeting for the first time. Uninfected individuals, for the most part, would prefer not to have a relationship with people who have herpes since there is the usual apprehension… Read More »